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Zog is a lovely read that is both engaging and charming. It tells the story of a keen dragon-in-training and the different classes he takes at school. He’s so keen that his practices and practices until he ends up hurting himself; luckily he finds friendship in a little girl who has a knack for first aid and comes to his rescue.

The repetition in the book means that children would enjoy reading in a group or class as well as on a one-to-one basis as they can all join in on the chorus parts. It also has lovely, bright illustrations that children would enjoy.

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Zog has a message that inspires the reader to be confident in their aspirations and not just to do what is expected. I would recommend it to anybody, particularly teacher, parents or guardians with children in Foundation or Key Stage 1. It could be used in PSHE classes, discussing jobs and ‘What we want to be when we grow up?’ It could also be a nice story to act out in Literacy and possibly a class assembly.


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