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A collection of three stories in one.

Yertle the Turtle

The king of the pond want to rule over that he can see and have nothing higher than him. So he has the turtles stand on top of one another with Yertle, himself, on top. It is not until a turtle named Mack burps which causes Yertle to fall straight into the pond. Now Yertle is only "king of the mud."

Gertrude McFuzz

Gertrude has only one tiny feather while birds like Lolla Lou Lee have more than one. She visits her uncle, Doctor Drake, to learn how to get more feathers. She a berry that gives her additional feathers until she eats the entir vine. This enormous tail is so heavy that she cannot fly or even move at all. Doctor Drake and the other birds find her and begin plucking out her feathers. She learns that sometimes "one is just enough."

The Big Brag

A bear and a rabbit brag about who is the "best of all the beasts" based on their smelling and hearing abilities. Then an earth worm appears claims to see the entire world until he goes all the way to the bear and rabbit to which he calls "the two biggest fools that have ever been seen."

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