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Winnie the Witch has a problem. Although she is a very colourful dresser, everything that surrounds Winnie is black; her house, her furniture, her bathtub and even her cat, Wilbur. Winnie could see Wilbur when he was awake because of his big emerald eyes, but when he was napping Winnie couldn’t see him and was forever tripping over him. Winnie decided to cast a spell, and with a quick wave of her wand and the words ‘Abracabdabra’ , she turns Wilbur green, and then rainbow coloured but the spells never quite work out and poor Wilbur resorts to hiding in a tree. Winnie is lost without Wilbur and after careful consideration she decides to change the colour of her house, furniture and carpets, so she will never trip or sit on Wilbur again.


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