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Who Sank the Boat? tells the story of five friends-a cow, a donkey, a sheep, a pig and a tiny little mouse-who decide to take a boat for a row in the bay. They all try their hardest to carefully get onto the boat but eventually it sinks! Can you guess who sank the boat?

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This book is beautifully illustrated, aiding the children’s understanding of the plot, adding context and increasing enjoyment of the story.

The rhyming and repetition throughout the book enables the book to flow fluently and creates a sing-song rhythm, making it ideal for reading aloud and enabling lots of fun to be had. The repetition will encourage and enable children to join in and be part of the story telling too.

Children can creatively engage with the plot of this book to aid their understanding about how objects sink and float through creating their own boats and experimenting with different objects to see how much weight their boat can hold.


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