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The title of this article is a nickname, invented for this wiki.

There is no book or series of books actually entitled Very Short Introductions: British History.

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This page is one breakdown of the many books in the Very Short Introductions series.

It is grouped like this simply to help readers of this wiki, and is not a generally known term.


This series of books is one of the many series of Very Short Introductions broken down for this wiki. The Very Short Introductions written about British History are all about British History, and cover British History from its beginnings in the Celts, through Britain under the Romans, the subsequent demise of Rome, and the takeover by the Anglo-Saxons, who in their turn were invaded by the Vikings. The series chronicles Medieval Britain, The Tudors, the Stuarts, and the demise of the King's power, in Eighteenth-Century Britain. It also covers Nineteenth-Century Britain, and Twentieth-Century Britain, right up to 2000.

All of the books except The Celts and The Vikings have been derived from the best-selling Oxford Illustrated History of Britain and, as such, have not been specifically written as Very Short Introductions.

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Books in the series

Very Short Introductions British History
  1. The Celts
  2. Roman Britain
  3. The Anglo-Saxon Age
  4. The Vikings
  5. Medieval Britain
  6. The Tudors
  7. Stuart Britain
  8. Eighteenth-Century Britain
  9. Nineteenth-Century Britain
  10. Twentieth-Century Britain

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The books are written for adults/young adults, and difficult to read, despite what Oxford University Press claims.

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