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So, Jurassic Park is going to slow down some work on getting new books, but Urchin #2 and Tinker Bell #2 are now done! The Children of Green Knowe is going to be finished soon too. I really enjoy every book I read, and so I'd never read a book I wasn't absolutely sure I'd like. Tinker Bell was great, so was Urchin. Urchin finally knows his past and there's more information about other islands. Crispin will soon be married, and I guess he will have children, by the title of the third book. Sometimes I worry about that Hope, but we have hope for him to always land safely. Prilla is getting along great with her talent. She's an energetic individual who made the only pure wish with the wand. Tink and Terence may never be together, but there are still plenty more Disney Fairy books. One could sympathize with Mother Dove, it must get so frustrating to always have to lay on an egg for all eternity. Poor Rani is still flightless and still detested by mermaids.

Now, The Children of Green Knowe is some obscure book series that I've never heard of before. I saw a movie based on the second book of the series, and it was pretty good. I hope it is as good as the movie made it look, and it does look bad that I'm only reading it for the movie. But wait! I'm not entirely, because it has the same illustrator as the Series of Unfortunate Events. I recognized the artwork and I'm sure it is the same person.

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