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Now media characters usually try to be accident prone to give some humor and delight the audience. I may be one of the few people who know someone who gets irritated at those people/animals. This is why Paddington Bear is a great choice for the best of both. Paddington Bear has, indeed, a knack for getting in trouble. Yet he is intelligent and ambitious (especially at loose ends). It may get tough for a small bear's paws to do things meant for human beings, but in the end, everyone benefits from the catastrophe. Some ways seem random, like they could ever work! Still, they have some logic to them, and it makes Paddington lovable to his audience. At least it explains why the Browns love him, and even (because it seems treacherous to say they love their youngest member just because they can use him) if he was a silly old bear or a sneaky horse (recognize any reference?), the Browns would still keep him at home in their hearts.

So yes, here we go with yet another halfway point on a book. The only reason is because this and the Tinker Bell book are both picture books, easily read by older audiences in one day. An article page shall get done soon!

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