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I can't believe I forgot what yesterday, November 5, was! Guy Fawke's Day was an important part of two stories that I know of: one about Paddington Bear and one about Mary Poppins. For Paddington Bear (I forgot which book for both of these, but...), he was learning about Guy Fawke's Day for the first time, really, because he was raised in darkest Peru with his Aunt. He saw a boy collecting clothes for a Guy, and he decided to gather clothes for one too. Unfortunately, the clothes he picked up belonged to his grouchy neighbor, who only set his best jacket on the porch to be picked up for the laundry. Then Paddington's neighbor himself started the bonfire with the dressed up Guy, while Paddington realized his mistake and was trying to stop him. Too late. The Mary Poppins story came with more information about the holiday, and, I believe, Mary Poppins came down to visit the Banks children on the end of a rocket during the celebration.

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