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Well, this book has been exciting so far. Though I think it was obvious it was Captain Husk from the beginning. The only problems for children with the book so far is the descriptions of the evil in the dungeon, the drugging of the culled babies, the drinking of wine, and the birth of Urchin. There are some similarities to the Redwall books, with the anthropomorphic animals, chapter pictures, Medieval look, superstitions, and types of animals. It makes me so glad to read it! I can't wait to see what happens next, and as soon as I do, I will write the summary. I've already started the characters, still an incomplete list for now, though. Oh, and every now and then I look at other wiki pages to see what they have for the books, well, actually I think I can only remember doing it now. (I wanted to double check I was reading the first book of the series, because pages for books after it were done better on this wiki than the first books were done.) Anyway, they had a category on prophecies mentioned in the book. I think that could be a good list for our wiki's page too. Of course, I would not copy from the wikipedia page, or even take the idea without mentioning it here first. So I told you! I've been bookmarking every instance of one and I'll type them up when I finish.

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