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I thought I'd help out this wiki and also give you all more book articles. Since I don't usually do blogs, I guess I'll just mention something very relevant to this wiki: what I've been reading.

The Penderwicks at Point Mouette

The Penderwick sisters remind me of my own family, except they have one more sister than us. The humor really got me hooked. My mother has always been trying to assist me in expanding the types of books I read, and I don't usually care for humorous and modern books. I thought it would just be another thing to waste my time on when I received the cd for the second Penderwicks book. Though I would mostly avoid soccer (or any sports at all), their lives were interesting. Jane is an avid writer, Rosalind is their responsible older sister, Skye reminds me of my sister, and Batty is, well, cutely herself. I had to continue listening and eventually read the first book too! Now that I'm halfway through the third book, the first three sisters seem to all have love interests. Jeffrey mentions it to Skye, but she shrugs it off and Jane fell into it one sidedly to research for her Sabrina Starr book. Rosalind is still Tommy's girlfriend. Batty is showing signs of a musical future, which her sisters can't believe. This third book reminded me of how I had to leave my sisters on a vacation for two weeks this summer, and had to leave my little sister in charge (though our parents were home as well). Everything seemed to go pretty well for us and I suppose the fictional Skye will realize how well she can take charge too.

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