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I'm Jammiedodger123 and I'm a Wikia user.

I don't have professional skills but I can certainly help. I'm very new but I can defintely attract some visitors, advertising is probably my strongest field.

I have founded a few wikis like My Moshi Monsters Wiki and Translatorium Wiki (very new)

I also founded Complipedia which is a big success as we have many active users and loads of pages.

Away from my skills, about this wiki. First of all - I love reading! I didn't like reading at first but now love it. Our family bookshelf is full and has piles of books at the side of it.

Secondly, this is a great success. We can attract more users, and we can make this wiki better, but it's OK!

So anyway, if you'd like to accept me into your Administration Team as a Chat Moderator, I would love to help. Of course I love it right now, so it wouldn't make a change but you get my point.

{{SUBST:Jammiedodger123 Chat Moderator Sig}}

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