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  • Harryvlas123

    Well hello guys!

    Yesterday (28/01/12), I requested a place in the Administration Team. Well I got my results back saying soon I will become a Administrator! I promise to you all that I will help you all with aticles and I will always Promote new ways to get the Wikia the Best Wikia in Wikia History!

    So I will tell you all a bit about me! I am Harryvlas123 and I have:

    • Founded a Wikia called: Harry Potter Wizarding World Roleplay Wikia
    • Roleplay on a Couple of Wikias
    • And have good contacts for good tips on Wikias such as Windsword7, Head of Ravenclaw and Zanzan28

    I currently have some good ideas on improving this Wikia and I hope that you trust me as a Administrator in the Future and I will incourage more an more people to use this Wikia so I hope …

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