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My name is Ellie Firestone.

Right now, I'm working on a series of nine stories of Super Sporty's adventures . She's a basketball-playing super-hero horse, fighting baddies and aliens and trying to save the world from their evil plans of domination. I draw all the illustrations myself. They're very colourful, especially if you read the books on your PC's Kindle Reader, which you can download for free. Or a Kindle Fire, Kindle Touch, or an iPad. And iPod Touch. And iPhone.

My, what a lot of ways to enjoy my stories!

I think the perfect reader for my books are boys and girls who are learning to read -- more or less ages 5 to 8.

A bit about myself: I'm home-educated in the Cotswold hills in England. I love to read and swim, and when I'm visiting family in Texas, to ride horses. When I'm not doing these things, I'm working on my latest installment of the Super Sporty series.

Hope you like them!

Cover page of Book 1 in the Super Sporty Series

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