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Under a Silver Moon is about a young prince, Haroun the son of the Sultan, who becomes friends with Akil, a gardener’s son. The pair enjoy playing together until Haroun is told he must learn to be a proper prince and therefore end his friendship with the gardener’s son. While Akil continues to work hard in the palace grounds, Haroun learns that he does not have to do anything as his servants will do everything for him. Haroun’s lazy lifestyle leaves him with a mysterious illness that no one can seem to cure, until one day when a hooded stranger turns up at his door and tells him the magic key to curing him is hidden in the palace gardens. Prince Haroun digs for months but never finds the magic key; he does however find the cure for his illness and also his old friend Akil.

Reader's Reviews

This moral story, written in the style of a fable, would be suitable for children from year 4 upwards due to its length and its use of paragraphs. With this said, the language is simple and the chapters are kept short which would be suitable for those with a short attention span. The book includes detailed illustrations by Lotte Klaver in the form of pencil sketches which depict the book beautifully and really complement the story without being obtrusive to the text. This is a great read and gives children the chance to reflect on the importance in friendship.

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 7+


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