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Miss Pym’s class is going on a field trip to Dinosaur National Monument in Utah for spring vacation. At the train station in New York City Miss Pym buys 8 tickets from the ticket seller, who tells them if they really want to learn about dinosaurs, they should take the Rocky Mountain Unlimited at gate 44A. By the time the train passes through Pittsburgh the class knows they are in for an unusual field trip. Instead of skyscrapers and cars, the streets of the city are full of horse-drawn carts, men in top hats, and women in long dresses! As the train chugs west it also travels back in time. That evening they see mammoths on the snowy plains and in the morning the hot weather brings in bugs bigger than Miss Pym! The train drops the class off in Utah and soon they see their first dinosaur! After several wonderful days playing with the dinosaurs the Rocky Mountain Unlimited returns to take the frazzled Miss Pym and her class back to New York. 

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