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A book of nine stories written and illustrated by Emma L. Brock. These feature the normal lives of several children. It is written with some repetition in each story as well, making it easier for younger children to follow along with the story.

There are three sections of stories: Three Little Town Stories, Three Stories about Mary, and Three Stories from the Farm.

Three Little Town Stories

The Snow Man: A boy has trouble building a snowman when it keeps rolling down the hill.

A Blue Nose: A girl decides to count her freckles by marking them in ink.

The Kite: Two boys wonder what to do with a piece of string, and they decide to use it for a kite.

Three Stories About Mary

Sudden Mary: Mary is described as sudden and unsafe, but she takes Little Sister to their grandmother's house. Mary causes her regular trouble on the way and ends up losing Little Sister as soon as she arrives.

Mary and Little Sister: Mary and Little Sister are left at home alone, where Mary decides to water the garden.

The Circus: Mary loses her money for a circus ticket, but she ends up doing a good deed later, earning one in the process.

Three Stories from the Farm

Paul Was a Farmer: Paul tries to be a farmer on his uncle's farm. He cares for the geese, pigs, and a calf.

The Garden Patch: A little girl tries to plant a garden, but some animal has been eating up everything she plants.

The Blue-Ribbon Lamb: A family that owned a blue ribbon lamb can't stop admiring it. Since it will grow up eventually, they decide to have a picture taken of it now. The trouble it causes in the city, however, is not a pretty picture.

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