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The story starts with an argument between Ann and Salye Soforth, the rulers of Oogaboo, on who should sweep the floor. Their kingdom is a small one, and their parents left them long ago. Ann soon gets an idea to conquer the world, and employs seventeen out of all eighteen men in her kingdom to become her army. Glinda sees them in her record book, however, and makes sure they lose their way. Soon they are stuck wandering a barren land, which is fortunately easy to conquer.

A new character has joined the Oz books: Betsy Bobbin from Oklahoma. She escapes a ship wreck and ends up in a fairy country, with only a mule named Hank for a companion. They meet the Shaggy Man and Ozga in Roseland, where they have to escape for their lives. The Shaggy Man had left Oz to find his brother, who has been taken by the Nome King. They all head there together, while the Nome King tries to throw many obstacles in their way.

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Something really cute happens during the ending that is worthwhile to see and answers a mystery about Toto from the very first book.


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  • Land of Ev
  • Hollow Tube
  • Land of Oz
    • Emerald City
    • Country of the Gillikins
    • Country of the Munchkins
    • Country of the Quadlings
    • Country of the Winkies
    • (The Country of Oogaboo is in one of the previous countries.)
  • Roseland
  • Rubber Country
  • Sky Palaces
  • Underground Kingdom
    • Great Domed Cavern
      • Metal Forest
    • Slimy Cave
  • United States
    • Colorado
    • Kansas
    • Oklahoma



  • Billina
  • Eureka
  • Hank
  • Cowardly Lion
  • Sawhorse
  • Hungry Tiger
  • Toto

Humans and Human Like Beings

  • King of the Animals
  • Betsy Bobbin
  • Dorothy Gale
  • Mr. Edison
  • Erma, Queen of Light
    • Daylight
    • Electra
    • Firelight
    • Moonlight
    • Starlight
    • Sunlight
  • Glinda the Good
  • Hiergargo the Magician
  • Jellia Jamb
  • Jo's of Oogaboo
    • Jo Apple
    • Jo Banjo
    • Jo Bunn
    • Jo Buttons
    • Jo Cake
    • Jo Candy
    • Jo Cheese
    • Jo Clock
    • Jo Cone
    • Jo Egg
    • Jo Files
    • Jo Ham
    • Jo Nails
    • Jo Padlocks
    • Jo Plum
    • Jo Sandwich
    • Jo Stockings
    • Jo Sundae
  • Oz
  • Ozga
  • Ozma
  • Polychrome
  • Quox
  • Royal Gardner of Roseland
  • Shaggy Man
  • Ann Soforth
  • Jol Jemkiph Soforth
  • Salye Soforth
  • Tititi-Hoochoo
  • Tubekins

Objects and Other Creatures

  • General Guph
  • Kaliko
  • Long Eared Hearer
  • Nome King (Ruggedo, formerly known as Roquat)
  • Original Dragon
  • Pang
  • Rain King
  • Tik Tok

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