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The Snapdragon is up to his old tricks again. Every Tuesday he whizzes in and does nasty things to the words in the book. Luckily the Bookmouse has a very cunning plan. But he'll have to go to the Moonwood and face the ghosts of the Woollywolves.

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‘This is my Book’ tells the story of Snapdragon, a mischeivous dragon who keeps stealing parts of words from the book. He eats parts of letters, plays with words and steals the dots from the ‘i’s, spitting them out at the other characters. Bookmouse has a plan which will put an end to Snapdragon’s naughty behaviour. He collects all of the O’s from the ghosts of the Woollywolves to surprise Snapdragon and teach him a lesson.

In this cleverly-written book, Mick Inkpen uses large and colourful watercolour illustrations, which will engage children with the story. He makes the words on each page part of the illustrations and the storyline itself, drawing children’s attention to the links between words and pictures. In addition to this, it will encourage children to enjoy playing with sounds and words.

It is perfect for use as children begin to learn to read, as the letters and sounds form the basis for the storyline. The book introduces letter substitutions, creating new words as Snapdragon breaks off different parts, which provides humour in the story. Particular attention is paid to the ‘oo’ sound, with it repeated in different words and used by the characters to make spooky noises, encouraging interaction and participation. Overall, this book would make a brilliant addition to any young child's book collection. It would be a fantastic book to read aloud to young children, whether shared at home or in the classroom.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 5-10 years
  • Reading Aloud Age: 3 - 7 years

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