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There’s an ouch in my pouch follows Willaby Wallaby, a baby wallaby as he embarks upon an adventure across the ‘Blue Billabong’. The baby Wallaby is disturbed that there is something wrong with his mother’s pouch and it is not as comfortable as it used to be. He meets an array of Australian animals who all in turn offer him their pouches. After a close encounter with a Dingo he runs home to his mother where she reveals the reason why Willaby’s pouch is not right…his baby sister is in there too!

Where can poor Willaby go? His pouch does not fit! He tries some other mummies pouches but they don't fit either. He goes home feeling sad. When he gets there he meets his new baby sister, Jillaby. That's why his pouch didn't fit - cheeky Jillaby was in there! Willaby thinks he is too big for a pouch after all, and he hops off with his mummy and new sister.


This is a fantastic story which highlights some of the issues that might come with having a younger sibling. The story rhymes and uses many interesting words such as ‘bibbly-bobbly’. It just rolls of the tongue and is very easy to read aloud. The illustrations are fantastic and are good for showing children alternative landscapes; this can also be said for the use of Australian animals. It is very accessible to children with bright pictures and big writing, not always in a straight line across the page!

If you are in Reception, Year 1 or 2, I think you will really enjoy this book. There are some very funny words and rhymes and great pictures too. A lovely story about a cute little wallaby who nearly comes to a sticky end but manages to save himself just in time!

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: Young children KS1

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