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The Trouble with Dragons is a picture book, written and illustrated by Debi Gliori, and published in 2008.

This book asks the reader to imagine what life would be like if dragons took over our planet. The dragons build houses and drive cars; they are wasteful and they blow out too much hot air... remind you of anyone? Eventually the planet is too hot and the seas start to rise until all of the wildlife is forced to leave; all that remains are the miserable and rather regretful dragons. The dragons plead and promise to change their ways, so the animals return and teach the dragons all about how to look after the planet.

Reader's Reviews


Not only does this book have an imaginative and incredibly valuable story but it also has exquisite illustrations, also created by Debi Gliori. Every page tells a story of its own as Gliori incorporates beautiful colours with intelligent attention to detail, for example the wildlife is often portrayed in shadow as they helplessly watch the dragons destroying their world. I believe the beauty of this book is that it has something for everyone.

Children within the foundation stage would understand and enjoy following the story line if this book was read aloud to them, there are also many valuable observations they could make from the pictures. The teachers of KS1 and KS2 children could successfully incorporate this book into the PHSE framework to discuss recycling and taking care of our environment. This book also includes speech marks, brackets and the use of different font sizes and shapes to emphasis the meaning of the text. Please take the time to have a read of this little gem, it is a story that you can enjoy reading with children of all ages time and time again.


We love this book! Just for the dragons, but the metaphor of dragons as worries is so clever too! —Lillbjorne (via Twitter)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading age: 5+
  • Read aloud age: 4+

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