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Although this is the first in in order of publication, this book is actually the third, chronoclogically, in The Archives of Anthropos. It tells the story of three children from our world, who find themselves transported to the magical land of Anthropos.

While investigating their Uncle John's attic, Wesley, Kurt and Lisa mysteriously find themselves transported to Anthropos, a land of dwarfs, goblins and jinns. There they are unexpectedly given a mission to save a king and a country.

The key to their adventure lies in a remote and ancient tower on the Island of Geburah and in the precious objects hidden there. What they discover is more than they bargained for: a great power that could destroy all of Anthropos.

In this fast-paced fantasy novel, you will discover how Anthropos was changed for all time.

Reader's Reviews


Another magnificent book from author John White, with his third book, chronologically, in The Archives of Anthropos. This is actually the first book that was written, and is a bit different from the others. However, if you have read the previous two books, The Sword Bearer and Gaal the Conqueror, you will recognise many things; the Tower of Geburah gives the book its name; the treasures that John and Eleanor used in Gaal the Conqueror; the picture that the sorceror Shagah was imprisoned in; John's sword and more.

Very, very good, again.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 9+

Some violence, not descriptive.

Lots of magic.

A lot of Christian allegories; Gaal is obviously Jesus, and his father God.

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