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The older Mr. Benjamin Bunny was supposed to be watching his grandchildren, but he fell asleep and Tommy Brock snatched them away. When Flopsy and the younger Benjamin Bunny find out they are slightly upset and the latter goes off in search of Tommy Brock. Benjamin Bunny finds Peter Rabbit later and they both continue searching for the bunnies.

They stop at Mr. Tod's house to discover Tommy Brock himself sleeping while the bunnies are trapped in a sack in the kitchen. The two begin digging a tunnel leading under the kitchen floor. Just as they are almost done, Mr. Tod returns home. Mr. Tod is not happy that Tommy Brock is in his bed, and he plots revenge. He ties a rope so that a bucket of water would spill on the sleeper, but the whole plan fails: Tommy Brock was awake the whole time and was able to escape getting wet.

Soon, Tommy Brock and Mr. Tod have a fight in the kitchen and Peter Rabbit and Benjamin Bunny have to take a lot of courage to save the bunnies without the other two noticing.

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The fox is happy to think he killed Tommy Brock. When he realizes that he isn't dead they have a fight.

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