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Third in order of publication, this book is actually the first, chronoclogically, in The Archives of Anthropos. It tells the early history of the magical land of Anthropos.

It was John's birthday. He would be thirteen. And what's more, it was on this day that his grandmother would tell him the mystery of his locket... and his parents.

But it was not to be. Before he could find out, he was transported to the land of Anthropos, where he was startled to be hailed as a sort of Saviour of the land, the legendary Sword Bearer, who would come and kill the Goblin Prince...

Reader's Reviews


A brilliant book, much in the style of The Chronicles of Narnia. In this book the Christian themes are very strong throughout, in the middle of a wonderful fantasy adventure. The only weak point in this book is that some things are never fully explained. I most strongly identified with John, because he was so human. I could understand every choice he made, and could really feel his emotions; his anger, terror, confusion and joy. This book re-enforced that God has more faith in us than we do ourselves. John has no faith that he will bring down the Mystery's tower, or kill the Goblin Prince, but the Changer does. I liked this book because it is a fantastic fantasy adventure story. All the characters are very human and you can understand all of their motives and choices. Mixed in are lots of allegorical Christian themes. Magnificent.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 9+

Quite a bit of "magic". The seer and prophet, Mab, is able to use the Changer's power to deafeat enemies etc.

There is a God-like figure called the Changer who is all-powerful, and his followers can call upon his power to do things. He only supports the good people, and is not just a tool, but a being.

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