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A farmer and his family own a special rose bush that grows the most beautiful roses in the kingdom every first of May, which is why it is called a May Day rose.

One day the farmer gets a message that the king wants to see his rose on May First, and the farmer can't wait. A beggar shows up and approaches the rose bud that the farmer had and the farmer catches him and tells him to leave, rudely. As the beggar leaves, he also leaves a tear on the rose bush. As May First slowly arrives, the rose bud has yet to bloom. The farmer finally realizes how rude he was and how he hurt the beggar's feelings, and he searches for the beggar to make things right. 

The farmer eventually has to go up to the king to say that the rose has not bloomed on time this year, but as he does the beggar comes up with the rose bud. The beggar explains the kindness that the farmer showed to him and cries with joy. The tears fall on the bud and it blooms.

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