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The Shark in the Dark

Author: Peter Bently

Illustrator: Ben Cort

This book is imaginatively illustrated with a big scary shark who eventually has his comeuppance. It starts off in the dark ocean floor where the shark lives, he has a large grin full of razor sharp teeth. Then you meet the rest of the fish in the ocean who are sacred of the shark. The fish swim away and hide in the squid’s ship wreck house, who gives them a plan to help overcome the sharks bullying. At the end of the story the shark learns a valuable lesson which stops him intimidating the fish.

I love telling this story with all of the contrasting pictures in the book. When the author talks about the shark the illustrations are very dark and scary. This really helps young children to quickly identify the villain and feel sympathetic for the fish in the ocean.

As a teacher I would read this book to EYFS and KS1, children at that age love dramatic imaging and it is very easy to read this story enthusiastically. The book has rhyming couplets throughout which gives it a rhythm which helps younger children to concentrate and keep track of what’s happening. In KS1 this story would be fantastic to introduce adjectives and how to use them, this story is peppered with contrasting adjectives which help to paint a descriptive story.

Book review by – Nick Broomfield

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