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This is a magical make believe story. It's the tale of a scarecrow that comes to life and goes on an amazing journey with a young boy, who becomes his servant. The scarecrow has been given a naturally beautiful piece of land called Spring Valley by his owner, the person who made him. However, The Buffaloni Family are after the land and want to build factories on it all. The scarecrow and his servant encounter lots of adventures along the way, some are a bit scary, some are fun, some are exciting, and some are surprising! They help some chicks whose mum and dad turn out to be the King and Queen of The Bird Kingdom and are invited to the big meeting held by all the birds every ten years. It is about sorting out the problems The Buffaloni Family have caused in Spring Valley. With the help of the birds, particularly a raven and an elderly couple who knew the scarecrow's owner, they go to court to fight for the beautiful land....

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