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It is no surprise to discover the author Anne Fine has a cat herself. Any owners of our feline friends will just laugh as they read this narrative; no doubt Anne Fine has managed to tap into the exaggerated psyche of a Cat. Although the title is slightly deceptive, there is no attempt of being a killer, maybe the nuisance or annoying Cat would have been more apt. The storyline follows the tale of a Cat who takes an extreme dislike to the Vicar that is Cat-sitting him whilst his owners are away. The writing style is based in the past tense with Taffy the Cat giving an account of his feelings which exudes superiority and egotism. The language and informal style makes this read a real chuckle fest for children and adults alike.

Continuing with the narrative of Taffy the book explores how he gets stuck up a tree and an ill-fated attempt by the Vicar to rescue Taffy inadvertently flings him into the arms of the neighbour Melanie that always wanted a Cat. She spoils and treats him to all his favourite foods. Why would he ever go back? Until the other neighbourhood cats spot him and expose his identity. Alas, his heavenly adopted abode is short lived and he returns home just in time when the Vicar is leaving. All they way through the dialogue is engaging, funny and witty.

The illustrations in the book but definitely help readers understand the general theme which helps develop the plot. The illustrations should act as an extra incentive to keep younger readers engaged. The recommended readers of this book would be around 7-11 year olds. However, it is a pleasurable experience for all readers.

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