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The third in the Roman Mysteries series

After Vesivius erupted, everything is in a mess, so refugees are camping near Pompeii. Suddenly, several kidnappings happen. Four friends, Flaiva, Nubia, Lupus and Jonathan are luckily rescued by Flavia's Uncle Gaius's Patron, Pollius Publius Felix who invites them stay at his Villa Limona. They meet the Patron's daughter called Polla Felicia, well known as Pulchra, for her beauty. The Patron's favorite of the four, is little mute Lupus, so mostly in the story, except for the end, Lupus is not really around, for he is with the Patron and his friends.

Flavia and Pulchra do not get along with each other and one day, while they were savagely fighting, with Pulchra's slave girl, Leda and Jonathan watching, kidnappers appear and kidnap them.

It is their job to help rescue themsekves as well as all the other kidnaped kids who are captured too.

Nubia and Lupus try to get them back. Will they ever solve the mystery of the pirates?

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