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The Pet Finders Club follows the story of three friends- Andi Talbot, Tristan Saunders and Natalie Lewis- who are a club that finds missing pets for people.

Andi lived in Texas with her parents and her Jack Russel Terrier, Buddy. But her dad's job as an Oilplant Engineer took him all over the world for his work and her parents divorced. Then she, her mum (Judy Talbot) and Buddy moved to Aldcliffe, a suburb of Lancaster in England. Andi loves excersise and plays in the football team in school.

Natalie is a fashion-conscious girl who's parents are wealthy. She lives with her Mum, Mrs Peterson (her first name is not stated) and stepdad, Geoff Peterson. Her parents too divorced a while back, but her mother is remarried. Natalie has a black Labrador Retriever called Jet, although she doesn't like to run a lot, unlike Andi. She also goes to a Chess Club at school.

Tristan is a red haired boy who lives with his mum, dad and brother, Dean. He also has a silver tabby called Lucy, however, when Andi first meets Tristan, Lucy had been lost for six months. Tristan's parents are both estate agents and so on most days Dean looks after him. Tristan is known for his greedy nature, and so he's almost always having a snack, although he is apparently remarkably skinny for someone who eats as much as he does. He also has a photographic memory.

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Books in the series

  1. Come Back, Buddy!
  2. Max is Missing!
  3. Looking for Lola!
  4. Rescuing Raisin
  5. The Dog With No Name
  6. Searching for Sunshine
  7. Disappearing Desert Kittens
  8. Dachshund in Danger
  9. Runaway Rascal
  10. Help Honey!
  11. Lost in the Snow
  12. Vanishing Point

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 6+
  • Read Aloud Age:

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