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What is it about? This colourful book full of wonderful pictures tells the story of a very clever little pencil who can draw things that then come to life!

He draws a boy named Banjo, his dog named Bruce, his cat named Mildred and his whole family and street. He then draws a friend for himself, a very clever little paintbrush called Kitty. They have a lovely day drawing and colouring until things start to go a little pear-shaped, and people aren’t very happy with how they’ve been drawn!

The clever little pencil draws another friend, a rubber, to help him fix his drawings that people find a bit silly. The rubber and pencil and the paintbrush Kitty all work as a team to change the things people don’t like, until… The rubber stops working with the pencil and Kitty and starts working against them, trying to rub everything out!

What will happen to Banjo, his dog Bruce, his cat Mildred, Kitty the paintbrush? But most of all, what about that clever little pencil?!

What fun can I have with it?

This book would be lovely for having your teacher read to you with your milk or fruit or at the end of the day. You could even take this book home to have your Mum, Dad, Gran or big sister or brother read it to you before bed!

If you are in Y3 it would be fun to read on your own or with your friends and see if you can guess how it will end! It could be really fun to try to draw and colour your own world like in the book, only you would have to be the clever little pencil!

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