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The fourth of the Adventures of Simon and Mag Hughes, whose previous adventures were told in The Shop in the Mountain, The Ladder of Snow and A Necklace of Glaciers.

An exciting adventures story, much in the fashion of a Biggles story, telling the story of Simon (age 17) and Mag (age 14) Hughes.

They ran desperately over the ice, three men racing after them.

"They're gaining," panted Kurt. "Give it all you've got!"

Then a pistol cracked and Simon heard the long whee-ee of the ricochet as he stumbled the last few feet to the rock corner. There the three lay exhausted.

Kurt stared at him. "We can't go on. Solvi's collapsed. We're trapped."

Mag and Simon Hughes involve themselves in a breathless man-hunt over the wild Norwegian mountains.

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An exciting adventure story, much in the style of a Biggles story.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 12+
  • Reading Aloud Age: Not good for reading aloud.

Some violence at the end. Not descriptive.

Simon (age 17) falls in love - but it works out OK.

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