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This is a 4 volume collection of stories that Sendak writes as lesson learning stories for children whether it is spelling, counting, or taking caution whenever you do something.

32 pages

1. Alligators All Around (An Alphabet)

A family of alligators go through the ups and downs of life through an alphabet.

2. Chicken Soup with Rice (A Book of Months)
Chicken soup

A story of how a boy likes to eat his soup in may different ways for a month.

3. One was Johnny (A Counting Book)


A book that helps teach children how to count. Johnny likes to be alone but dogs, rats, monkeys, and robbers interrupt his solitude. Only after threatening to eat them do they leave and Johnny solitude returns.

4. Pierre (A Cautionary Tale)

48 pages

A five party story about an apathetic boy who is swallowed by a lion. His parents return from their outing and rescue Pierre. The moral of the story is to care.

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Parental Guidence

Depends on which story your child reads.

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These stories were adapted into a half-hour TV special made by Carole King and Maurice Sendak called Really Rosie.

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