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The Land of Miu series is a fantasy series for younger readers, aged 9 to 12 year olds, by Australian author Karen Lee Field. The books follow the adventures of two human sisters (Kate and Emma) and their Miuan friends (Princess Alara and her guard-in-training, Siptah).

Most of the stories are set in the ancient land of Miu.


The author stated on her website that the idea for The Land of Miu came from a simple dream she had about a little girl and two cats. She dreamt the little girl was sitting on a large overhanging rock, down the bottom of her back garden, and could hear voices. When she looked over the edge of the rock, she discovered two cats talking to each other. They talked about a mysterious world below that of the humans, about the danger they were in and how they intended to outsmart their pursuers.

From this dream a whole world was created. Field said she based the Miuan characters, Alara and Siptah, on the personalities of her own two cats. And as the Miuan characters were shapeshifters, when they took the form of kittens, she used her own cat’s names in the story, Sophie and Jasper.

The Land of Miu is based on the Egyptian myth, Aker. Miu has two cities, Manu (the western city) and Bakhu (the eastern city). Miu is entirely underground in the lava tunnels of an extinct volcano.

Books in the series

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 9+
  • Read Aloud Age: 8+

Family values and no swearing.

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