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The Klampie Mystery is a short children's book, written by Luis Rodriguez, and published in 2012.

Samantha and her parents go on an adventure down under to Australia. Samantha gets a stuffed koala and names it "Klampie"; since his arms clamp onto anything, like a real koala. Follow Samantha as she is amazed by the differences between the two countries. And then something unexpected happens on the plane ride home the koala on Samantha's backpack turns out to be a real...well... a real mystery!

Reader's Reviews

Several (Quite a number) third party reviews may be read at:

IMPORTANT: "The Klampie Mystery" selected by 'Independent Publisher' as one of best newly released titles. Please note that there are only two titles in the "Illustrated Children's Category"

Parental Guidance

Klampie is intended for children aged 4 through 8. Some parents have told me they read it to younger children in multiple sessions, a little bit at a time. Older children may read it by themselves at their own paces. Each spread represents a little chapter where readers can pause to continue reading at another time.

The story is absolutely clean.

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