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The Guardians is a children's science fiction novel, written by John Christopher, and published in 1970. Set in the year 2052, it depicts an English society which has been split into two, separate societies: the Conurb (modern and densely populated) and the County (aristocratic and pre-World War I technology.)

It is the future, and mankind is at peace. The working week has been halved, and all men think alike—or that's the idea. But if man is as co-operative, as satisfied and as enlightened as he seems to be, why is there rioting in the cities, or that agreeably distant war in China? Young Rob Randall was just beginning to ask these kind of questions when his father died, and he made the astounding discovery that his mother wasn't from the Conurb, but from the County. Armed with this knowledge, Rob decides to cross the terrifying no-man's-land into the County... and discovers a completely different style of life.

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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 10+

Rob is bullied at his school. The possibility of a brain operation is discussed. Otherwise clean.

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