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In the darkness, Dani sprang awake. Close by his hiding place was a tall, thin, wild-looking creature. "Who are you?" he whispered, unsure whether this thing was alive of dead.

Dani and Mamo should never of met.

In Ethiopia's great capital city, they have led unbelievably different lives. Dani's home is a grand house full of servants - Mamo has no home at all. But now both boys are on the run, one fleeing a tyrannical father, the other escaping a life of slave labour. Fate has brought them together, and their only chance of survival is to trust each other with their lives.

Reader's Reviews


This is a very gripping book. I could not put it down and as a result I finished it really quickly. Elizabeth Laird is one of my favourite authors and this book has now become one of my favourites. Mamo tries to kill himself once because of slave labour. Dani's spoilt and does not understand street life. The ending is really good but I won't tell you, read it yourself! (Olivia Age 14)


Pretty good book.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 12+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 10+

Mamo tries to kill himself by eating poisonous leaves and he does nearly die but it does not go into great detail.

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