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The Dark Planet is a children's science fiction novel, written by Patrick Carman, and published in 2009. It is the third book in the Atherton trilogy, preceded by The House of Power and Rivers of Fire.

When Edgar discovers a way to leave the mysterious world of Atherton, he doesn't think twice about the dangers that await him. But the Dark Planet is a shocking departure from the world he has left behind. A toxic wind moves heavily through a forsaken wood filled with deadly creatures. A ship patrols the poisonous waves of a dead sea in search of children to enslave. And in the gloom of the Silo—where children toil in darkness, controlled by two ruthless maniacs—Edgar discovers a legend of the smartest boy who ever lived: Max Harding. Can Edgar find a way to unravel the mystery surrounding the enigmatic Dr. Harding?

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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 10+

Adventure and peril. Otherwise clean.

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