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The brave little puppy is a short story about young children (brother and sister), who rescue a puppy which was drowning because a bad man had tried to kill him. They took the puppy home to ask their mum if they could keep the puppy but she says no. The children drive into the town with their dad to get their hair cut and take the puppy to the animal shelter. However, as the children and their dad were in the hairdressers a thief tries to steal their car- but the brave little puppy fights off the robber- saving the day. The family decide to keep the little puppy because he was so brave protecting the car, and loved his new family.

Reader's Reviews

This book would be suitable for KS1 children. The book teaches morals to the children and discussion about these morals can be brought up in the classroom such as; ‘How do you think the family would have felt if they had their car stolen?’, ‘what would you have done if you saw someone throw a puppy in a pond?’, ‘why do you think the man did this?’, ‘why do you think the family kept the puppy in the end?’.

As the story is only short and has a happy ending it would be ideal as a bedtime story that could be suggested to parents. Using the same focus, it would also be a good ‘home-time’ story for young children- giving them something to think about as they go home. As well as facing some moral dilemmas and being a ‘feel good’ story, it would also be useful in drawing examples from when teaching English- such as the story having a clear beginning, middle and end when teaching children how to structure a story for themselves. The book could also be used to model grammar and punctuation. There are a variety of activities the teacher could create from this including games, discussion and writing frames.

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 5/6
  • Clean

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