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The Boy in the Striped Pajamas is a children book by Irish novelist John Boyne . It has received a lot of accolades, including the Irish Book Award Children’s Book of the Year. The book is made into movie as the same name in 2008.

The story centred an 8-year-old German boy, Bruno, who is growing up during the World War II. Bruno is originally living with his parents, older sister Gretel and maids in Berlin. After a visit by Adolf Hitler follows by his father's promotion, he and his family have to move to 'Out-with' due to his father's job.

Bruno is leaving his friends and he misses hanging out with them so much. There is no house around 'Out-with' but a 'farm' surrounded by a large wire fence, which not far away from his home. One day, he decides to do some exploration and approaches the fence. There he meets a Jewish boy of his age named Shmuel. Shmuel is living inside the 'farm' with a lot of people and all of them are wearing 'pajamas'. He talks with Shmuel and the two become best friends, although Bruno doesn't really understand the life on the other side of the fence.

Bruno visits the fence everyday and he brings food for Shmuel. Months past and one day, Bruno is told that he and his family are going to leave 'Out-with' and moving back to Berlin. Then, Shmuel told him that his father, who also lives in the camp, is missing. Bruno promises him to help find his father. The next day, Shmuel brings a set of 'pajamas' to Bruno. He changes his clothes, leaving them on the ground and manages to sneak into the camp. While they are searching the camp, they are sent to a dark room with groups of people.

Bruno's family realizes that Bruno is missing very soon. After some time, a soldier finds Bruno's clothes near the fence, but the boy is nowhere to be seen.

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