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This book is from the mid 80’s and was part of a series of books known as the ‘Beginner Books’, which is part of the Random House imprint co-founded by Phyllis Cerf with Ted Geisel, more often known as Dr. Seuss. This story is all about four bear scouts who decide to go on a camping trip. They have their trusty bear scout guidebook and feel ready to take on any challenges that may crop up. However, the Dad decides he is going to attempt to show his own scouting skills and declares,

I know more than the book has in it.

A smart bear opens his eyes wide

and never needs a

Bear Scout Guide.

The story follows their adventure and we soon find out that the bear scouts know best!

This book has been designed to appeal directly to children through the use of humour, rhyme, and bright pictures that can be 'read' even by the non-reading child. The well-illustrated pictures, that capture the imagination, mean this is an ideal story for KS1 children.

The structure of the book, as briefly mentioned, is written in rhyming couplets, so enables a steady, natural flow when read out aloud or in your head. Basic language used throughout, with large, stand out text would mean a child could work their way through this adventurous story.

With such a big push on getting children playing outdoors, this book will show them what they are missing out on. Highlighting what the beautiful outdoors has to offer… as long as they have their own guidebook! Furthermore, this book addresses deeper issues such as trust, sharing and teamwork. Reader's Reviews


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 4+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 4+

Areas of possible concern lie in bias of the men going outdoors for the weekend and the women (mum) staying at home. Being an older book this could be why? However, if you deem this potential issue not to inappropriate, then I would recommend this book to you and your child.

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