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The famous journey of Tom Sawyer's friend Huck Finn, along the Mississippi River.

When Huckleberry Finn flees from his brutal father, he meets up with and old friend, the slave Jim, who is also running away. Together they travel by raft down the Mississippi, tumbling in and out of amazing adventures - from a floating house to a funeral, a shipwreck to a circus - and experience some of the strange ways of people in the Deep South.

Reader's Reviews


I read the first eight chapters of this book, and then gave up. Firstly, I got fed up with all the mentions of ghosts, witches, luck and the like. Secondly (and mainly) the things that the black slave, Jim, says are so difficult to read it is unbelievable! Seriously, I learn Latin, and I think that it's easier! Try reading this:

"I tuck out en shin down the hill en 'spec to steal a skift 'long de sho' som'ers 'bove de town, but dey wuz people a-stirrin' yit, so I hid in de old tumble-down cooper shop on de bank to wait for everybody to go 'way."

I am serious, this is not me mistyping (I'm not that bad!), this is really how it is in the book.

Anyway, I gave up.


I believe the quote in the first review says: I took out and shinnied down the hill and I expected to steal a skiff along the shore somewhere above the town, but there were people a-stirring yet, so I hid in the old tumbled down cooper shop on the bank to wait for everybody to go away.

It may take longer and some reading aloud to picture the sounds, but reading in different accents can be very fun. It is like a challenging game. Brian Jacques had animals speak in different accents and Martha Finley wrote Scottish accents, ye ken?

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn is a great book, almost even better than the one about Tom Sawyer. Huck and Tom even switch places once at Tom's relative's house.

(By the way, I know Latin too. All the mentions of ghosts and witches is just their culture.)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 14+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 12+

Various mentions of witches, ghosts, bad luck, etc.

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