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"The jump leaves Marvin bug-eyed, more so as his buddy explodes into the boundles blue." "Jude's going through puberty, but some developments have startled him. As his growing pains start to pack a real punch, he begins to reconsider: was his dad telling the truth when he claimed to be a superhero..."

Reader's Reviews


My 11yo son thoroughly enjoyed this book, to the point of not wanting to stop reading when asked. He rarely enjoys a book this much :)

This book is really good! When I saw this book as soon as I saw the cover and read the blurb I immediately wanted to read the book. Its about a boy who's dad has run away because he was a bit of a drunk. Jude going through some stages that all teens go through. He loves skateboarding and is in a gang of skaters. He also fancies this girl called Kat and is thinking of asking her out on a date, but it isn't turning out well. He asks his dad's friend, who is called Benjamin Three-sixty and is the DJ of "CHANNEL ZERO", for advice. There is another thing in his way, which is the man in charge of the place were he lives, Marshall J Daw, who is planning to knock down the Wastland. The gang of skaters aim is to stop him, but they cant do it so its up to Jude and his 'superpowers'. Read this book because its thrilling and exciting. At one point when I was reading chapter 17 I spent 1hr 30mins instead of my daily routine which was 15mins.



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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 13+ (or mature younger)
  • Reading Aloud Age: not really that kind of book!

PLEASE NOTE: There is some strong language in this book and reference to alcohol abuse.

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