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Spy Dog is a series of books about a canine spy called Lara, code name GM451. "Lara" actually stands for "Licensed Assault and Rescue Animal". She has many abilities such as karate, super intelligence and being able to play many sports and even stand on her hind legs like a human. She works for the Secret Service, and her original "owner" was Professor Cortex, head of the animals section. During one of her missions, Lara was separated from the Secret Service, but before she was given orders should this ever happen – "Get taken in by the RSPCA, find a family and await the rescue of the Secret Service". So Lara did just that.

However, she started to like living with the family she chose, the Cooks. She learnt what it was like to be a normal dog and found it to be much better than being a Spy Dog. She wasn't allowed to use her skills as they were a secret but after fighting some Rottweilers in the park, and then saving a drowning boy while on a family holiday and ending up in the news, her secret was out.

An evil drugs man named Mr. Big was also after Lara, and was on a mission to get rid of her once and for all. So while the professor and the Secret Service team were tracking Lara down, so was he...

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  • Reading Age: 7+
  • Read Aloud Age: 7+

Some books contain injuries or "scary moments".

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