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Title: Sky Watching

Author: Dyan Sheldon

Illustrations: Graham Percy

First Published: 1992

ISBN: 0-7445-2408-3

Pages: 61


This easy-to-read illustrated book follows a spoilt child as she learns that there’s more to life than having the latest toy. When she once again finds herself bored in a house overflowing with things to do, her grandmother sends her outside and up a ladder to ‘learn her lesson’. We see Nancy as she begins to open her eyes to the excitement of the world outside. Her day up the ladder progresses as she watches clouds, birds, planes and then constellations and ultimately returns to the house with a new perspective and a little less bored and spoilt.

It contains black and white illustrations, and at most five sentences per page.

Reader's Reviews

This is a great book for reading aloud to a child as there are various places where you could stop the story and ask some questions. For example, Nancy watches some geese fly past and conjectures about their destination. The children might be interested to voice their opinion or, later on, look out for some of the constellations Nancy sees in the sky. In this sense, it is a great interactive read. The themes are also very relevant to children and Nancy is an easy character to identify with. A delightful book, especially for reading together.

Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 7 or 8.

  • Reading Aloud Age: 5 or 6.

  • This book is a friendly read, with no inaccessible content. The sentences are short and there is a nice blend of dialogue and description. There are also various points where an adult could employ intonation/character voices very effectively.

External Links

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