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Short! A Book of Very Short Stories by Kevin Crossley-Holland…

This book of short stories may be quite short, but you will want to read each and every one of them over and over again. It is a fantastic collection of wonderfully written short stories, all of which aim to make you think, laugh, shiver and think again. There are modern horror stories which scare you senseless, traditional and fable stories that teach you a lesson, myths that seem magical, light hearted comedic stories that make you laugh ludicrously loud and even old stories re-told.

There are stories about shepherds with their legs tangled, a girl left alone in a big house and even a scary man with an axe who hides in your car. But don’t stop there, because Short makes you want to write your own short stories, or even shorter short stories, or perhaps long short stories. It’s up to you!

Short is perfect for those who like scares and frights about bumps in the night, but for those who prefer to keep on the light, try a traditional tale, pick up Short, you’ll be sure to never fail. Give it to your teacher if they love drama sessions, or even those who want to develop genre sessions. You and your class are sure to be suddenly scared senseless, so before I’m breathless a final note, pick up Short and grab your coat. Give it a go, maybe even write your own, if you never try you’ll never know.

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