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Sacrifice is the fifth novel in the nine-book series Legacy of the Force. It was written by Karen Traviss, and published in 2007. It continues to chronicle events in the Star Wars universe; the series is set approximately 40 years after the original Star Wars film.

Jacen Solo is convinced that to bring peace and order to the fractured and warring galaxy, he must become powerful – even if that means embracing the teachings of the Sith, as taught to him by Lumiya. To become a fully fledged Dark Lord of the Sith, however, he must make a sacrifice, killing someone he loves. What troubles Jacen is not whether he is able to commit murder, but who the sacrifice should be...

Reader's Reviews


Pretty good continuation of the story. Jacen's fall seems like a carbon-copy of Anakin's, but apart from that, the novel was good.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 14+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 14+

Typical Star Wars. Strong use of the "Force", a mystical energy field, that the Jedi Knights use to give them super human strength and other abilities, such as seeing the future, feeling other people's feelings etc.

Violence, fighting, and deaths, but not explicit descriptions.

Ben Skywalker, aged 14, is ordered to assassinate a politician, which, after some moral arguing with himself, he does. It's handled in such a way as to more raise questions in the reader's mind as to whether he was right to do this or not, but it still could be confusing for younger children to read, without a firm Biblical basis.

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