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Ruby Holler


Dallas Carter: Florida's twin is very dreamy and is one of the main characters. Age 13, he was abandoned by his mother and lived in the Boxton Creek Home.

Florida Carter: Dallas' twin is very bold, outspoken and prone to complaining. She is one of the main characters. She cannot swim, and know basic CPR. She was abandoned with Dallas by her mom.

Sairy Morey: Tiller's wife. They both reside in Ruby Holler. She is kind and compassionate. She has four children. Sairy enjoys carving wooden birds.

Tiller Morey: Sairy's husband. He lives with his wife in Ruby Holler. He is cranky, distrustful, doubtful, an aged copy of Florida. Born in a houseboat. Nearly suffers a heartattack.

Chief Gopher (Morgan): She is the overworked assistant of the Trepids.

Mr. Hopper: A mean adult that adopted Dallas and Florida, but returned them when he caught them playing with his money.

Mrs. Hopper: Wife of Mr. Hopper

Z: Tiller and Sairy's neighbor. He is a shady figure who helps Mr. Trepid find the understone funds in exchange for a large sum of money. He is not very responsible, but he easily learns helpful information. He helps the Ruby Holler family prepare for their trips, during which he learns that Dallas and Florida are his children when he sees Dallas's birth certificate and sees his ex-wife's name listed as his mother. He is very good friends with Tiller and Sairy and helpful to them.

Lucy: Daughter of Tiller and Sairy. She's all grown up.

Mr. Dreep: Described as a toothless lunatic by Dallas and Florida, he is one of the adults that adopt the twins briefly. He wanted to make them dig a well. When they didn't he locked them in a creepy cellar for a night.

Mrs. Dreep: Wife of Mr. Dreep

George Trepid: Mr. Trepid runs the Boxton Creek Home with his wife and assistant. He is strict, greedy, and dreams of expensive luxuries and an easy life. When he hears about Tiller and Sairy's understone funds, he hires Z to help him find the money.

Marjorie Trepid: Mrs. Trepid is Mr. Trepid's wife, who also runs the orphanage. Like her husband, she is strict with children and dreams about an easier life. She often claims to suffer from constant migrains and is suspicious of her husband's actions to earn more money.

Mr. Cranbep: Father and Wife of Gigi and Mrs. Cranbep. He adopts Dallas and Florida, but returns them.

Mrs. Cranbep: Wife of Mr. Cranbep and Mother of Gigi.

Gigi Cranbep: Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Cranbep. Mean girl that is evil to Dallas and Florida. She tugs Florida's hair. Florida yanked out her dolls' hair in return.

Buddy: Son of Tiller and Sairy. He's all grown up.

Burgerton Boys: Nasty boys that blame Dallas and Florida for the things they do.

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