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A book about a young boy's struggle after being freed from slavery. Strong Christian themes run throughout. The second in a trilogy, the Tales of Rome, after the adventures that Bryn encountered in A Captive in Rome. The next and final book about Bryn is The Edge of the Empire.


Ahead of us, through the smoke, I could see a flickering red glow. Fire! The horses saw it too. They came to a stop, snorting and trampling the ground. They refused to go forward.

"I'll have to unhitch the horses and lead them back the way we came." said Tiro grimly.

"But Tiro! Look!" I gasped, pointing back up the hill. Flames were leaping out from the windows of a building. There was fire behind us as well as in front - we were trapped.

The Christians are having to meet in secret as the emperor's hatred of them grows. And Bryn still faces danger at every turn. Will he be able to hold onto his new-found faith when it's tested to the limits?

Reader's Reviews


Very, very good. I enjoyed Tiro's character.


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 11+
  • Reading Aloud Age: 10+

Some violence.

Occasinal descriptions a bit gruesome.

At one point he is nearly drowned by Romans trying to make him tell them where the other Christians here.

At one point they are threatened with being covered in tar and burned up - but don't worry this does not happen.

A bit sad.

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