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Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt is the second book in the Professor Branestawm series, written by Norman Hunter, and first published in 1937. The first edition was illustrated by James Arnold, but later additions have been illustrated by George Worsley Adamson, who illustrated all the later Professor Branestawm books. Professor Branestawm's Treasure Hunt was published 4 years after the first book about the Professor, and there was long gap before the author continued the series – the third book in the series was published in 1970.

When it came to inventing, Professor Branestawm was the man. Ideas flowed readily for him – unspillable teacups, collapsible-cum-expandable houses, liquid carpet to be applied with a brush, a grape-peeling and pip-removing machine, a bomb and even fire alarms. His interests were wide, and his intentions were excellent, but, unfortunately, his inventions had a habit of going wrong, as his long-suffering friend Colonel Deshott and housekeeper Mrs Flittersnopp knew only too well.

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