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Pig-Heart Boy picks up a topical issue, that of xenografts or animal organ transplants. Cameron Kelsey has only a few months to live, and is no longer able to play sport, swim or live a normal life in any way. With no suitable human heart donor available, he agrees to try the revolutionary new process and is given a new heart, from a pig... But he can have no idea how agreeing to have a pig's heart transplanted into his body will change not just his life, but the lives of all those around him.

"A powerful story - topical and controversial" (Guardian)

My son found this book very gripping and couldn't put it down - always a good thing :D At the end he was hungry for more - as you will see from his review below!

Reader's Reviews


This book is an exiting-thriller-sort-of story. I thought it was kind of scary at the start where 13 year old Cameron is nearly drowning and it makes you feel as if he is going to drown and die. He has a heart problem where he can't be too active or he goes faint. He also has a best friend called Marlon who turns out to have betrayed Cameron and so their friendship nearly comes to a halt. At this part (which is roughly in the middle) i got quite nervous. He also has this crush on girl called Julie who finds out he's had a pig-heart transplant. She says her mum told her to stay away from Cameron who is very upset when he hears this and so their friendship...... Well you'll have to find out! I found this very additive, i wanted to read it everyday. I liked it so much I may contact Malorie Blackman and if she hasn't already then I'll be asking if she could write a follow through of what happens next, because at the end it leaves a BIG cliffhanger and it leaves you asking a lot of questions. OK thanks for reading this. If you do end up buying this book - your in for a treat......! J.Hampton (age 12)


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Parental Guidance

  • Reading Age: 10+
  • Reading Aloud Age: N/A

CLEAN - slightly aggressive language in parts.

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